How important is the image sensor?

Column:Company news Time:2018-01-16

As we all know, image sensor is an important factor that affects the quality of imaging. Some people think that the more expensive the sensor is, the better. Is that the case? Now the image sensor in the market can be divided into: CCD and CMOS. The former has the advantage of image pixels high, high resolution, color reduction coefficient is high, often used in high-grade digital cameras, digital cameras, defect is price is quite expensive, power consumption is bigger. The latter shortcoming complementary, at the right moment and the former price if you just want to pick a home video cameras, it is recommended that you choose the CMOS camera relative price will be higher, zhuhai deep keeping is a company specializing in the production of high-definition cameras, USB camera, and analog cameras, digital cameras, fish-eye cameras, high-definition LCD module, touch LCD module, resistance touch module, resistance touch module, visual speaker-phone, WIfI door machine manufacturers, the company for every customer to make an appropriate camera, LCD module and visual speaker-phone machine, welcome you to come to consult and purchase wholesale.