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SJD-USB960P V1.00 camera module, it uses 1/3” CMOS Sensor with high quality image; The product is used for video door bell and monitoring field which need to capture the image; supporting USB 1.1/2.0 interface, free drivers; This camera module has small size, high accuracy for color revert, clear image, low consumption, high dependability etc. advantage.

● Free driver USB interface, plug and play
● Support 960P, frame reach at 15fps
● 1.3MP image sensor
● Standard 4pin 2.00m USB interface
● DC 5V USB power input
● Multi lens option meets any requirements

● Scanner for QR code or other bar code
● The camera of PC, tablet and laptop
● Computer's web camera
● The capturing device for embedded system
● Lunix system capturing devices
● Other image captring output equipments

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