There are so many security systems in the villa building, but a new generation of digital buildings will speak to the TCP/IP system.

Column:Company news Time:2018-01-16

You may see a lot of high-end villa building security system in the movie and TV series, do you feel special envy and jealousy? Don't envy, don't doubt, these so-called high-end villa building security system has been gradually popularized in the ordinary family life, but so much.

What kind of security system do you choose? There is no doubt that the hottest thing on the market right now is the new generation of digital buildings talking about the TCP/IP system, so why is it a new generation of building security? Appearance, but high level? Good shape? Strength? Let's see!

1) style variety complete function: including common 7 inch, 4.3 inch the door machine and indoor machine to choose from: multiple round-the-clock monitoring, emergency alarm, turn the key, the remote real-time video intercom, safe and reliable stability.

2) simple wiring: the digital visual system is much more convenient in wiring and installation and debugging than the analog visual intercom system for bus transmission. The digital visual system greatly simplifies the wiring project, which makes the installation and debugging of the house intercom system simple, and the construction cycle is shortened.

3) powerful networking: when all signals are digitized, it is easy to meet the needs of the Internet. The digital video intercom system is like a small computer, with powerful data processing capabilities that can be realized and become more powerful.

4) low comprehensive cost: single from the point of installation and wiring, using TCP/IP transmission mode, can reduce a lot of investment, and short construction period, save the wire and artificial cost, and very easy to maintain, thus, adopting digital visual intercom system, an advantage on cost.

With such powerful and advanced features, it will bring you a convenient home experience, which will ensure your family's safety in 24 hours. It is not easy to come to zhuhai to buy the jiuding, the opportunity is more, more favorable. In any case, you will appreciate your love and support for the system of S2 digital building.