[tall] zhuhai shenjiuding hd building is perfect for improving the quality of life for customers!!

Column:Company news Time:2018-01-16

 Use the monitoring system to view the images of certain locations in the community, such as parking Spaces for themselves, children in children's activity areas, community square activities, etc. Based on the actual use requirements, after the communication platform, some leading brand design the function of monitoring and control system of third party access, make the owner can choose in the communication terminal screen and view, point to point throughout the rest of the community life brought great convenience for owner. Although features, but in reality there are still some to be desired, the main problem is that most previous landing-answer terminal screen in the level of 800 x 480 pixels, the related video hardware performance design is mainly a 300000 megapixel camera use collocation, difficult to deal with a higher resolution video display, also cannot achieve high-resolution display, by monitoring the system view image clarity, poor experience.

Landing-answer industry after entering high level, the communication of the hardware performance has a significant increase, so it can easily handle more than 720 p video signals, and fully displayed on the terminal indoors, so that it can be well with the current widespread use of community hd monitor system for docking, not for the visit of the communication platform for community use standard VGA video camera. Most importantly, video records are clearer and more effective, and the community's security precautions and forenaries also raise a Level. The owner can also monitor video with high definition, and clearly see the situation that he wants to know, and truly realize the service perfectly.